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ZipHer is the perfect solution for independent women needing zipper help. This glamorous zipper helper is specifically designed for zipping up hard to reach back zippers. Don’t avoid beautiful dresses because you don’t have zipper help. ZipHer is handmade with two oversized acrylic pearls and a brass ball chain. It has several decorative touches. People approach this lovely zipper help gadget with interest and enthusiasm. Best of all it is packaged beautifully with a very French, Audrey Hepburn feel. Think of all the women in your life who could use zipper help and purchase several of these unique and elegant Ziphers for gifts. Decorative zipper helper that helps women zip up and zip down hard to reach zippers. Women need help with back zippers or zipping tight dresses. Women living alone, widows, divorced women need help zipping up and down their dresses. This handy accessory is a zipper aid. It is also a handy zippr tool for someone with Arthritis or limited dexterity. Why struggle with that little black dress? This zip up tool is a solution for the independent woman. This zipper pull fits easily into the tiny zipper hole in the pull tab of your zipper to zip up hard-to-reach zippers. ZipHer is a beautiful accessory for your closet. It is a zipper helper with pearls in a beautiful package. The Zipper aid makes a great bridesmaid gift. Self-reliant women need this zipper accessory. Tight dresses zip up easily with this zipper tool. For zipper help simply insert the ZipHer hook in the small hole in your zipper pull from the top. Let the zipper helper hang down while you step into your dress. Hold the ZipHer chain taut as you zip up. Jiggle the ZipHer hook to remove it from your dress. Zipping down is usually easier to do without aid, but if you want zip down help attach the ZipHer ring onto your zipper pull before you put your dress on. This way you don't have to find the little hole in your zipper pull. The ZipHer hook easily fits into this ring for zip up or zip down help. How often do you find yourself needing zip up help because no one is around to help you zip up. ZipHer is the zip up solution for the zip up dilemma. No more struggling to zip up your own dresses. You now have ZipHer, the zip up tool that helps you zip up and zip down hard to reach back zippers. ZipHer allows you to zip up with ease and style. It is the zip up solution for every woman.

Why Struggle With
That Little Black Dress

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Amazing product...Heaven sent,lol...I ordered a fancier 1...Wish I'd found this gem first...I have arthritis and this is just easier to grab and pull taut to close hard to reach zippers...Can't say enough about the pearl extension on the product..Gives easier grip dexterity. Product design is just genuis...Hooray to ZIPHER SP (LPN)

By the time I was done struggling with my back zipper I had broken out into a sweat, so then I ended up putting on something else. Now I rely on my indispensible ZipHer LM

I first purchased a different fancier zipper helper. But the clip was too difficult for me to use to unzip. I cannot clip it to the zipper pull tab when the dress is on. I also have to put my hair up for this struggle. The clip needs to be tight in order to grab the skinniest of pulls. I just cannot maneuver it. The hassle is not age-related; it is design-related. ZipHer used with the accompanying ring is much simpler for me to use. I need zipping assistance, not jewelry. ZipHer is easy; it works! Heather T

I discovered ZipHer when searching for something to help me do up my dresses when my husband isn’t around. I chose ZipHer because the hook seemed more reliable than the clamping mechanisms. I also preferred the fact that ZipHer had a nice chain rather than a stick, extendable cord or ugly ribbon. Functional and beautiful. Then … when I found out you catered [with the XL version] specifically to tall people - well - that was particularly good news. :-) KR

I got trapped in a dress this morning and almost had to cut myself out of it LOL.
Thank You, ZipHer!

I have a lot of dresses. In fact, thats all that I wear. I have struggled for quite some time trying to zip and unzip my back and side zip dresses. Last summer I discovered ZipHer and I love it! I purchased 2 in case I misplaced one! This is truly a "MUST HAVE" item for women. If you don't have one yet, GET ONE! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!! THANK YOU! PP

I was the frantic emailer the week of my son's wedding. I am an independent woman also and thought if ZipHer worked it would be a miracle. We emailed back and forth in one day with my questions and request to receive it before the wedding, and I did!!! I just wanted to tell you how great ZipHer worked, Perfect!!! It was like a third hand! You are so smart to have developed ZipHer!!! Thank you so much! CT

I can't tell you how big my smile was last week when I zipped up my own dress before leaving for work ( normally hubby helps me with this ) and then I'd have to run around the office getting a co-worker to unzip me enough so I could get out of my dress when I got home. Not last week! I unzipped myself and let out a big YEAH! I absolutely LOVE this item! NZ

Indispensable for wiggling into that dress when you are on your own. No more contortionist acts or asking the taxi driver to zip you up. MC

I absolutely love your zipper pulls! I've worn dresses that zip in back forever because that's what was available. Living alone made it tough, thanks for such a simple zipper tool! FL

… this is a lifesaver for a frozen shoulder. MG (M.D.)

Once upon a time you'd hold up your hair and let that special man pull the zipper up on your dress. But now you have a special helper! The Greatest Divorce/Broken Relationship Gift of all Time! MS

Wow we wow! An incredible tool for the frustrated female in need of an extra hand! I just love this elegant zipper pull -- How incredibly cleaver! Love, love, love it. One more thing: Customer service is wonderful as well! PM

Love your invention; I use it everyday. Also I sometimes wear it around my neck as a really cool necklace! LS

It’s hard for me to zip up tiny zippers with my large hands and long nails, so this zipper helper is a Godsend! PE

Who needs a man?! They're good to have around sometimes but I like to do things on my own. JZ

This is a brilliant idea. The perfect gift for any woman. There is not always a “partner” home and it's beautifully designed. Lovely gift idea. BD

Single/independent women that live alone know the horror that comes with zipping up that dress and having no one around to assist....check out this solution, it seems very cool, it's called ZipHer … cute + functional! CR

ZipHer is great for TIGHT side and back skirt zippers, too! MW

You should get these in every dressing room in America. There's nothing to make you panicked and sweaty like getting stuck in a dress in a dressing room! DB

I just received 2 ZipHers this morning (Australia address) and can’t wait to try them, I have Arthritis and the Zipher used with the gold rings will make dressing so much easier. CL

Little Black Dress Poster

(frame not included)

  • Sassy, Elegant 18" x 24" ZipHer Girl Poster
  • Black & White with a Touch
    of Red
  • A Glamorous Gift for Your Favorite Independent Woman
  • Perfect for Boutique Dressing Rooms
  • Only $17.95 for ZipHer Lovers
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ZipHer Girl Face Wrap

Quantities are Limited

  • Lightweight, Breathable & Stretchy Polyester Fabric
  • Maximum Comfort + Blocks Elements & Insects
  • Machine Washable and Reusable, One Size Fits All
  • Moisture Wicking + Dries Quickly + UV Protection
  • Ultra Versatile - Wear it as a neck wrap, mask, headband and more
  • No returns on this item!

Disclaimer: Not intended for use in medical settings. We cannot guarantee that this face wrap prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. Wash before the first use and after every use. Hand wash or machine wash and dry.

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