Dress Zipper Helper


ZipHer is the perfect solution for independent women needing zipper help. This glamorous zipper helper is specifically designed for zipping up hard to reach back zippers. Don’t avoid beautiful dresses because you don’t have zipper help. ZipHer is handmade with two oversized acrylic pearls and a brass ball chain. It has several decorative touches. People approach this lovely zipper help gadget with interest and enthusiasm. Best of all it is packaged beautifully with a very French, Audrey Hepburn feel. Think of all the women in your life who could use zipper help and purchase several of these unique and elegant Ziphers for gifts. Decorative zipper helper that helps women zip up and zip down hard to reach zippers. Women need help with back zippers or zipping tight dresses. Women living alone, widows, divorced women need help zipping up and down their dresses. This handy accessory is a zipper aid. It is also a handy zippr tool for someone with Arthritis or limited dexterity. Why struggle with that little black dress? This zip up tool is a solution for the independent woman. This zipper pull fits easily into the tiny zipper hole in the pull tab of your zipper to zip up hard-to-reach zippers. ZipHer is a beautiful accessory for your closet. It is a zipper helper with pearls in a beautiful package. The Zipper aid makes a great bridesmaid gift. Self-reliant women need this zipper accessory. Tight dresses zip up easily with this zipper tool. For zipper help simply insert the ZipHer hook in the small hole in your zipper pull from the top. Let the zipper helper hang down while you step into your dress. Hold the ZipHer chain taut as you zip up. Jiggle the ZipHer hook to remove it from your dress. Zipping down is usually easier to do without aid, but if you want zip down help attach the ZipHer ring onto your zipper pull before you put your dress on. This way you don't have to find the little hole in your zipper pull. The ZipHer hook easily fits into this ring for zip up or zip down help. How often do you find yourself needing zip up help because no one is around to help you zip up. ZipHer is the zip up solution for the zip up dilemma. No more struggling to zip up your own dresses. You now have ZipHer, the zip up tool that helps you zip up and zip down hard to reach back zippers. ZipHer allows you to zip up with ease and style. It is the zip up solution for every woman.

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“Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

William Morris


Each year between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve PrimaProductions LLC partners with a non-profit organization that advocates individuality and dignity in women and empowers them to gain skills and confidence to lead happy and productive lives.

In 2016 we chose to honor the women of tomorrow. Pretty Brainy Inc. is a social enterprise and nonprofit organization devoted to showing girls the purpose math and science have in their lives and growing the number of girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEM) studies and careers. Ten percent of all ZipHer sales during the holiday season were donated to Pretty Brainy Inc.

Pretty Brainy Inc. is about inspiring girls academically and professionally so they build self-confidence in their STEM skills in elementary school, deepen their interest in middle school and engage STEM studies throughout high school and into college.

“A survey of American teens published in June 2016 from the Amgen Foundation and Change the Equation shows that, across the United States, teens “lack access to real-world science experiences, out of school opportunities, and professional mentors,” without which their opportunities are limited. Through Pretty Brainy, girls learn by doing and benefit from real-world experiences that reveal how engineering, technology and science are useful in addressing everyday human needs.”

ZipHer is a product used worldwide by independent women who share in the frustration of zipping up hard-to-reach back zippers. From female politicians to high school girls, from Olympic athletes to the injured and dexterously challenged, from transwomen to women in the military “Zip me up” is a universal call.

ZipHer is unique in its decorative and strong ergonomic design comprised of an elongated hook, a brass ball chain and a faux pearl handle. Elegant hardware completes the look of this made-in-the-USA dressing aid.